1. ALIGNMENT SURVEY: We are fully equipped with the latest survey equipment and experienced surveyor for carry out Route Alignment. Our experts are competent for Route Alignment for Railway, Road, Pipe line and Canal.

2. Topographical Survey: Our expertise in Topographical and Contour survey in all type of terrain according to the Project. We are well versed with the requirement of topographical survey for all type of project such as Mining, Dam, Real Estate, Irrigation, Industrial, Golf etc.

3. Industrial Survey: Our professional team having experience to carry out detail study of Building and utility along with different Machines.

4. Urban Development: Company has excellent track record in the Field of Real Estate work. We are providing our services for each level of Colony development such as contour survey, Demarcation of Road, Plot, Pipe line and other activity related to External Development.

5. Farm Land: We are preparing drawing for Developed Farm Land. All the landscape, planters, Water System etc.

6. Hydro Project: We are providing services for Hydro projects for the feasibility and detail Study of Intake, Sedimentation, Water channel, Power House Location etc.

7. Irrigation: We have successfully completed more than 1000Sq.km Command Area survey in different District of Jharkhand for Gram Bhagirathi Yojna. We have developed the methodology to carry out survey in faster mode within economical budget.

8. Mining: Our Company having Qualified and DGMS Approved surveyors for carrying out all shorts of survey activity required at Mining work.

9. Township: Within the short tenure we have completed the detail survey of old Town like Delhi. Our experts are competent to do the survey work in congested area to prepare the details map of existing building Road, Drain, Electric/Telephone Line etc.

10. Golf Course: Golf course is one of the interesting and difficult projects in the view of survey. It is a specialized work and our experts are well versed with the terms and requirement to develop the Golf course or preparation of existing Golf course. We have successfully completed Golf projects in India like Delhi Golf Club, Tollyganj Club in Kolkata, Karma Lake in Manesar, IMA Dehradun and Gokarna Park Kathmandu Nepal.

Telecommunication: Among our renowned clients Reliance and Tata-Telecom has experienced our quality and prompt services for their OFC Cable Networking in Bihar, Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh.

As per schedule we have completed the job. We have prepared the detail drawing for Laying out Optic Fiber Cable in city area as well as along Highways.